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Dental Technology at The Billings Dentist

Dentist office chair at Billings MT dentistWith so many technological marvels surrounding us every day, it’s easy to forget how far we’ve come in our communications, modes of travel, and even entertainment. The dental industry is no exception to this. In the past few years, we’ve adopted equipment and techniques that have revolutionized dentistry, making our jobs easier and your teeth healthier.

Just some of the technology our office is proud to provide is listed below:

CT Scans

CT stands for computed tomology. This type of scan is used all over the medical field for its ability to give us a clear look inside the body. A dental CT scan can not only see much more than a traditional x-ray, but it uses a cone-shaped beam to do so. This shape allows us to get information from multiple angles, and not just flat images.

3D Digital Imaging and X-rays

The shift to digital has made dentistry better than ever before. We’ve successfully used both photographs and x-rays for many years, in order to get a clear look at the structures of your mouth and jaw. However, there have always been several drawbacks to this traditional technology.

For one thing, the film had to be sent off to a lab for development, then sent back to the dental office. This took time. If one of the images was blurry or adjusted wrong… well, the whole process had to start over again.

Happy couple with perfect teeth from advanced dental technology with a Billings MT dentistDigitization has eliminated all of that. X-ray sensors and intraoral cameras can now send the images directly to the computer screen while you’re still in the room. If the image is blurry or needs to be adjusted somehow, we can tell within seconds, and simply snap another shot.

Not only that, but we are no longer limited to flat images. 3D scanning allows us to get a complete model of your whole mouth scanned right into the computer. We can use that information to more comprehensively check your mouth for problems, as well as to design your dental appliances.

Crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures, implants, and much more can all be customized specifically for you, using computer software and digital scanning.

Dental Lasers

Lasers are quickly becoming popular in dentistry. These convenient tools allow us to interact with your soft tissues in more precise ways, during surgeries and procedures. They don’t damage surrounding tissue, they make clean lines, and they can often reach places that are hard to access with a steel tool. All of this makes your procedures more efficient and your healing much, much quicker.

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