Patient Reviews

“I’m Tom Bennett, I’ve been coming to Dr. Johnson for almost ten years now. By the
time I came to Dr. Johnson, I needed some real help. I went to a very fancy and
famous place and had the veneers put on. When you stress your teeth like I do
veneers won’t work or at least they didn’t for me. They were chipping right away so he had to replace all those with… it’s not quite like that guy on the old James Bond movie you know where he can chew cans and stuff…but these are STRONG and it’s worth everything. He has the ability to assess the patient and what’s best for them. Some folks veneers work well, with me it didn’t. This is much better. He just has a professionalism that I really respect but the proof is in the pudding when it feels good afterward and he took a disaster and made it better. I believe I believe.”

“My name is Judy Locke and I have been coming to Dr. Johnson for about 16 years. Well we wanted somebody who was personable, appeared to keep up on dental procedures and equipment, and just someone we really liked coming in to see and work with. I have felt that I can call him anytime or go into the office anytime that I have a problem, which has happened a couple of times. They have gotten me in right away so I could see him and he has told me what I need to do or any procedures that I have to have done and then he’ll take care of that right away. Dr. Johnson is very caring. He’s very concerned about his patients and their dental care and he is actually like family to come in and see and it’s not where you feel like “oh I have to go to the dentist today” and don’t want to go in. You really actually look forward to your visits to his office.”

“I’m Bob Locke and I’ve been coming to Dr. Johnson since 2003. I think Dr. Johnson’s office put us at ease the very first visit. I mean you felt like you were welcome, it was a very clean office with very professional people and I liked dr. Johnson immediately. It’s just almost like family. I mean you feel like very comfortable coming in here it’s like you know everybody and they know you and they welcome you in and it’s just been a great experience. If you want a dentist that genuinely cares about your dental health and your well-being and makes you feel welcome and comfortable and never rushed, then I would highly recommend Dr. Johnson. “

“I had gone to another dentist and it was always “fix this, fix this, put crowns on, do root canals.” I had constant jaw pain and mouth pain and terrible headaches. I’ve always had kind of a weird taste in my mouth. When I knew I actually was coming here, Dr. Johnson says “yea we can fix it.” We can just keep doing the same thing or we can do this kind of denture or that kind of denture. And he says, “think about it” you know, and I ended up well actually more money going through fixing and chasing a problem that was never gonna be caught then I did on doing the dentures. I don’t wake up in pain every day and fight it all day long and have that bad taste in my mouth. They actually treated me with dignity here. So that was a very big deal and to this day I love it. I wish I would have done it ten years earlier.”

What Our Patients Say

Alex Wend

Dr. Johnson and his staff are amazing. They are all very friendly, professional, and have helped both my wife and myself with dental issues over the years. We just moved from Billings and we will miss seeing these friendly faces. Cannot recommend this office highly enough.

Sweetloraine Clifford

Dr. Johnson and his staff were amazing. I went in there for what I thought would be a simple root canal. After Dr. Johnson saw what he was up against (a previous dentist work) he and his staff stayed 2 hours late to make sure I was taken care of instead of turning me away. I’m very grateful.

Jaime Nelson

We have been going to Dr. Johnson for years and he is fantastic! He has great bedside manner and his staff is friendly and attentive. He keeps my family’s teeth clean and healthy. He recently helped me to get my few crooked teeth straightened out with Invisalign! I had never had braces as a teenager so I was a bit apprehensive but Neal was so helpful with his expert opinion and it put my mind at ease. He scanned my teeth, made recommendations and adjustments along the way to improve the alignment and bite and I am so happy with the results!!! I would highly recommend for routine dental work, cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign!

Nancy Farnum

Dr. Neal Johnson is an excellent dentist. He is extremely professional and always seems to be looking out for our best interest with our dental issues...I would recommend him unconditionally!!!

Bronwyn Hammond

The very best in town!

Don Trump

They work with my. Schedule and they are so friendly. Highly recommended!

Molly Rohloff

Folks This Denistry experience is amazing! It will blow your mind! From the time you walk in the door .... until the time you step out!!! BRENDA.. TRISTY.. STEPH AND DR. NIEL C. JOHNSON are not only exceptional at their occupation.. They are phenomenal people!! I recommend them very highly!!!

Camron Maynor

Alway pleasant. A safe environment with kind people.

LilRamon N/A

The newest team member Jessica did a great job! Very professional and friendly, Thanks!!!

Brenda Rush

I was seen in Dr. Neal Johnson's Dental office this afternoon for a cleaning. My Hygienist was Melanie and she did an amazing job. I was seen on time and was able to schedule my next appointment right away. I highly recommend Dr. Neal Johnson's office.