Dental Hygiene

Prevention is always better than a cure. Our priority as a dental office is to keep your teeth healthy and stop any problems before they become a nuisance—or worse. We do this in three main ways.


Our Billings office uses modern technology as well as time-tested cleaning methods in order to properly clean your teeth.

In a professional cleaning, we can remove the tartar that builds up in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. It is caused by plaque that mineralizes onto the teeth, and which causes severe irritation and gum disease. Tartar is not removable at home.

We get those tricky areas for you, allowing you a fresh start on your dental health. Cleanings can also include strengthening treatments if you so choose.

Semi-Annual Checkups

Regular checkups are absolutely vital. We use them for so much more than just cleaning your teeth. At these checkups, we look for cavities. We take x-rays, to track your health and check for non-visible problems. We take measurements of the gums and teeth, to make sure that gum and bone recession is not threatening your mouth.

Many dental problems hurt, making it obvious that you need a dental visit. However, this often doesn’t happen until the problem has progressed much, much farther than it should have. With regular checkups, we can spot and fix these trouble areas before they cause you pain.

Proper Daily Hygiene

Our office believes strongly in the importance of educating our patients. If your teeth are cleaned once every six months, but not properly maintained in the interim, the cleanings will only be able to help so much. Problems will still develop, despite the careful eye we keep.

At each visit, we will give you any instruction you need, on this topic.

If you have any questions at all about brushing, flossing, and maintaining your teeth, please don’t hesitate to ask. No question is silly or unimportant to us.

Call Now

If you are due for a checkup, please call us. Even if you have wonderfully healthy teeth, a regular dental visit is vital. Call now to schedule your appointment.

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