Denture Options

patient with denture implants in Billings MT with partial denturesDentures are the classic way to replace missing teeth. They’ve been used for hundreds of years.

Over those years, the dental industry has continually made dentures better, easier, and more accessible. Today’s false teeth are a far better sight than anything available even from a few decades ago.

Traditional Dentures

partial dentures Billings MT denture implantsThough they are no longer as common as they once were, traditional dentures are still an option for you. These are attached right to the gums with denture adhesive that is entirely removable.

Even this classic design, however, comes with a modern twist. The dental appliance is still custom-crafted to your mouth and yours alone. Your smile will be entirely unique to you and will fit perfectly.

If you only need some of your teeth replaced, partial dentures may be another good option for you. Whatever your teeth situation, we are here to help bring your smile back to perfection!

Adhesives are better than ever. The teeth themselves are beautifully custom-crafted. We’ve even developed a number of ways to support dentures via implant instead of adhesive. This last option has dramatically grown in popularity since its introduction.

Denture Implants

Denture implants are great for replacing a missing teeth while adding additional support to a traditional denture piece. When multiple teeth are missing, and dental bridges are either not possible or not the right choice for you, denture implants are a great way to restore both your bite and your smile.

These denture implants can be connected to the implant supports either as a permanent denture or a snap-in denture option. The snap-in denture method allows the denture unit to snap on and off whenever you need it to. As a result, they’re convenient and easy to clean.

Permanent implant dentures provide a great deal of stability for the denture appliance. With screws that hook right into the implant posts, these dentures will stay safe and secure through any situation.

All-On-4 Dental Implants

All on 4 dental implants are implant-supported arches that replace all of your teeth, using only 4 implant posts per arch. These are a great option for many patients; talk with Dr. Johnson for more details about All-On-4.

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With so many denture options available from our Billings dentist, you will be able to get a set of dentures that work perfectly with your own specific needs.

If you’re in need of a denture appliance, call us today for information about your many options, or to schedule a consultation.

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