Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Billings, MT

Smiling woman happy about laser dentistry in Billings, MTWhile the concept of using lasers in dentistry may sound complex, it is actually an extremely safe and effective tool for many common dental procedures. Laser dentistry can be used to complete a variety of treatments with a level of precision that could not be achieved with traditional dental instruments. Laser dentistry is useful in many cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry procedures, such as frenectomies and removing excess gum tissue. Contact your dentist in Billings today to discuss how laser dentistry can help you.

How Does A Dental Laser Work?

Laser dentistry example of a dental laser in Billings, MTLaser dentistry uses a high-intensity beam of light that functions as a precision cutting tool for use in common dental procedures. The ease of use and control of a dental laser allows your dentist to perform your treatment with great accuracy without causing any discomfort to you. Lasers used in dentistry are safe and effective for both adults and children. When compared to alternative methods for the same procedures, laser dentistry is virtually pain-free.

Laser Dentistry Procedures in Billings, MT

Here at The Billings Dentist in Billings, MT, Dr. Neal Johnson uses laser dentistry to perform many procedures, including:

Benefits and Advantages of Laser Dentistry in Billings, MT

Girl with healthy gums and white teeth from laser dentistry in Billings, MTThere are many benefits to using laser dentistry techniques for our patients in Billings, MT. The extreme precision of the dental laser means that your dentist can get in and out of most problem areas without causing damage to the tissue around it. A dental laser will also cause faster blood clotting and quicker healing time. This means that patients are less likely to experience any gum bleeding or scarring after their operation. Many patients describe the feeling of the laser as being completely painless.

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If you or someone you know has questions about laser dentistry, contact us today to learn more. Dr. Neal Johnson is the dentist that Billings, MT trusts. Also serving Lockwood, Billings Heights, and Laurel, MT.

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