Keep Your Teeth Healthy For The Holidays!

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Who doesn’t love the holidays? They’re a time to take a break from your regular routine and spend time with friends and family. At Neal C. Johnson DMD in Billings MT, we encourage you to keep up your dental health routine, even when you’re having the most fun!

If you’re not careful, though, holiday celebrations can take a toll on your oral health. They generally involve delicious food, drinks, and sweets, all of which can put you at risk for decay and other problems.

As you navigate the holiday dessert tables, choose something special that you don’t usually see during the rest of the year. Are you a big fan of turkey? Or gravy?

Choosing one guilty pleasure can help you stay away from the rest of them. This way, you can stay satisfied without overdoing the sugary stuff. Also, it’s useful to have a glass of water with your dessert so you can take a drink after you finish and rinse some of the sugars from your teeth. This is a quick and easy way to shield your enamel from damage.

Steer clear of hard candy that stays in your mouth for a long time, and be careful of extra-sticky candy that binds to your teeth. This is especially crucial if you have a dental bridge, veneers, or braces!

Don’t fail to stick to your dental health routine when your schedule is busier than normal. Regardless of the season, it’s vital to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once per day. The most ideal time for the latter is at night before going to bed.

At Neal C. Johnson DMD in Billings MT, we are eager to get our holiday countdowns started! With all the holidays coming up, we want to ensure our patients have healthy smiles throughout Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Our family dentistry is the best course of action! It’s also a good time to look into our cosmetic dentistry, so your smile can shine bright in pictures. We serve satisfied patients in Lockwood, Billings Heights, and Laurel. Contact us today!

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