Tooth Implant Placement: Before, During, After

what to expect during dental implant surgery Billings

Dental implants from Neal C. Johnson DMD in Billings are life-changing, because they look and function just like natural teeth. There are several stages involved in getting an  implant, and we’ll review them in  this article.

Before the Procedure

It begins with an exam and consultation. If you don’t have sufficient bone at the implant site, bone grafting may be needed to promote new bone growth.

During Implant Surgery

A small hole is made in the jaw and the implant is screwed into it. The procedure usually takes about an hour.

After Implant Surgery

There may be a little pain and swelling after the implant, but it’s easily controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers and ice  packs.

After a couple of months, the post has fused with the bone and is  ready to support the replacement tooth or teeth.

Dental implants have been called one of the greatest advances in the history of dentistry, and they are available at Neal C. Johson DMD in Billings. We also offer complete family dentistry services. Call for an appointment today!

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